Marauder Task Force Kronos Ops Review

Here we have the JoeCon exclusive Kronos-Ops from Marauder “Gun Runners” in their Marauder Task Force line.

A friend was able to get me two each of the Male and Female Kronos-Ops

The Male Kronos-Ops come with four vests, an ammo bandoleer, one breather mask head, an assortment of hats and helmets, and a bunch of other smaller accessories that all plug into the ports on the figure, just as any standard Marauder Task Force does. Everything is in a chrome silver scheme.




The Marauder Team were also nice enough to throw in a package of alternate heads, goggles and visors.


The Female Kronos-Ops come with three vests, three backpacks, one set of lower leg armor, a bandoleer, a satchel, one masked head, an assortment of hats and helmets as well as plenty of other gear to plug into the modular holes in the figure and equipment, also all in a chrome silver scheme.





All in all, these are a fantastic addition to my growing Marauder Task Force Army. I’ll be posting a picture review tomorrow of another set of the JoeCon Exclusive Marauder Task Force figures.

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JoeCon Exclusive Figures Missing Paint Apps

A huge thank you to Ellen Sue Clarke of the awesome G.I. Joe Command Central Facebook Group for sharing some pictures from the G.I. Joe Convention of some quality control issues with some of the Exclusive Figures.

It appears that Major Bludd and the Laser Vipers are missing some paint applications. A sign posted on the convention room floor shows that replacements will be shipped out at a later date.

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More Marauder Goodies at JoeCon

Those crazy cats at Marauder “Gun Runners” have dropped another bombshell right before JoeCon.

Some new parts will be available at the show!

From Marauder:

Hey Folks!
Your Gun-Runners are heading out to the con and hope to see you all there! Here are some of the MTF con “surprises” we will have at the show: White male cloth legs, cloth forearms and rolled up forearms! Con attendees will be able to get the new body parts for their white figures at an early release value price.

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Catch Wordburglar Thursday in Chattanooga Tennessee for JoeCon

Wordburglar the Rap Viper will be taking the stage at Improv Chattanooga in Chattanooga Tennessee at 10pm on Thursday Night.

If you’re at JoeCon this week, you can stop by and hear the Rap Viper yourself. Tickets are available right now!

You can talk about this in our forums here.

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GIJoeCon 2018 Registration Ending Soon – Convention Sets Still Available

Word was sent out yesterday by the G.I.Joe Collectors Club noting that registration for GIJoeCon 2018 will be closing Monday, June 4th. As of the time of notification, the remaining set counts were noted as: 

  • 3 3/4″ sets – 20
  • 12″ sets – 24

The Club can move stock between attending and non-attending if one category stocks out. They’ll continue to watch the numbers and balance the quantities. If you have an issue with registration, please let them know. If you have ordered a set and would like to order an additional one, please click the registration button and process it at Tours still available as they have flexibility…however tour options will close on May 31st.

Will you be heading to the Convention? Come join us after the break on the Cobra Island Forums to get in on the JoeCon 2018 discussion already in progress! 

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Wonderworld Comics GIJoeCon 2018 Exclusive G.I.Joe 252 Pre Order Now Available

Great news for those of you that won’t be able to make it to GIJoeCon 2018. WONDERWORLD Comics has shared word that their GIJoeCon 2018 Exclusive print of IDW Publishing‘s G.I.Joe A Real American Hero #252 is now available for pre-order!

This variant features a brilliant cover by Artist Extraordinaire Adam Riches! It’s exclusive to GI Joe Con 2018 in Chattanooga at the WONDERWORLD Comics booth. The back features an all new designed Cobra logo by Adam with blank cover for sketches. Submissions will also be taken for CBCS Comics if anyone is interested (make sure to reach out to WONDERWORLD for more details).

Price is $15 at the show but Pre-Orders (webpage and eBay) are set at $19.99 ea.  You can get yours here –  WONDERWORLD Comics: Pre-Orders Page

Will you be adding this awesome variant to your G.I.Joe Comic Collection? Sound off after the break on the Cobra Island Forums

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