GIJoeCon 2018 Convention Exclusive Sets Running Low

The G.I.Joe Collectors Club has sent out word on the remaining stock levels of GIJoeCon 2018 Exclusive Offerings. Here’s the scoop – 

We have had a fantastic response to this year’s convention for both attending and non-attending packages!  Here are the available items:

3 3/4″ items

  • American Hero Package (attending) – 81
  • Homefront Hero Package (non-attending) – 50
  • Attending Loose Sets – 20 
  • Non-attending Loose set – 15 

12″ Items

  • General’s Package (attending) – 38
  • Base Commander Package – 12

Exhibitor Items

  • Exhibitor booths – 10
  • Artist Table – 1
  • Exhibitor Single Table – 1

Other Items

  • Thursday Custom Class – 0
  • Wednesday Custom Class – 6
  • Tours still available as we have flexibility. 

If you have already ordered a boxed set (attending or non-attending) and want to add a loose set, please call the office – 817-448-9863 as Admin has to add this to your order. If you have not ordered a box set yet, you can add the loose set when you place your order online.  Do NOT call the office.  

NOTE:  You must have a boxed set on order to get the extra loose set of figures. 

If you collect GI Joe, you owe it to yourself and your collecting friends to be at this show!   Register NOW!


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JoeCon 2018 Guest Announcement – David Kunitz

The G.I.Joe Collectors Club has announced a new guest for the G.I.Joe Collectors Convention, none other than Mr. David Kunitz! From the Club – 

DAVID “OZONE” KUNITZ probably worked on the 3 3/4-inch G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero brand longer then any one designer. Although starting out on Transformers in 1984, he immediately took on responsibilities for G.I. Joe vehicles. David designed vehicles through an amazing time in the 80s and into the 90s. He is credited for work on G.I. Joe: The Movie and G.I. Joe: Sgt. Savage. He also was instrumental in bringing back the 12-inch G.I. Joe in the 90s. He moved from G.I. Joe to work on other toys for Hasbro when G.I. Joe decided to be “G.I. Joe Extreme”. He left Hasbro to work on brands such as Battletech, Tyco RC, Tyco Electric Race and Matchbox. He was Director of Matchbox vehicles until Hasbro invited him back to lead boys toys for Hasbro Direct, where he participated in bringing back 3 3/4-inch G.I. Joe through Toys “R” Us. David then went on to become vice president of design for boys toys at Hasbro. He was involved in many aspects of G.I. Joe.

David’s likeness was used on two G.I. Joe figures. The 1st being Thrasher, the driver for the Thunder Machine. He had Ron Rudat create an outfit out of lacrosse equipment. The 2nd figure is Ozone, a member of Eco-Warriors and Star Brigade. Ozone’s file card displays his name: David F Kunitz. His work has been featured in several books and on video, most recently on a G.I. Joe episode of the Netflix series “The Toys That Made Us”. 

Presently David Kunitz is the owner of D-Kid group LLC. D-Kid group LLC is a successful product development company that is now partnering on startups to create product for mass-market. It also provides freelance design and consulting for toy companies. These products include interactive books and storytelling, exercise equipment, medical devices, automotive accessories, toys, games, and apiculture. David was educated to be a designer and inventor at Purdue University, and continued his education with Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth in executive development. David volunteers on the Board of Directors for RIMOSA – Rhode Island Museum of Science and Art and presently is Chair for the Institutional Planning committee. RIMOSA’s mission is to awaken curiosity and increase independent thinking, creativity, innovation and invention. This mission is accomplished by encouraging the exploration of science and art through interactive exhibits, educational programming, performances and other museum events.

Thanks to our friends from Just another G.I.Joe Show for the heads up! Are you excited for this latest guest announcement? Sound off on the Cobra Island Forums

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GIJoeCon 2018 Convention Exclusive Package Update

The G.I.Joe Collectors Club has sent out word regarding GIJoeCon 2018. The update focuses on the number of packages that are left and needless to say, if you’re interested, you better move quickly as packages are selling out left & right! Here’s the scoop from the Club: 

  • The American Hero’s Golden Ticket packages are sold out. The Thursday Custom Class is sold out.
  • The Homefront Hero’s packages are sold out.
  • The American Hero packages are 60% sold through.
  • The General’s Golden Ticket packages are 97% sold through.
  • The General’s packages are 35% sold through.
  • The Base Commander’s packages are 30% sold through.
  • The Marauders’ loose sets are 90% sold through.

If there are sets available when we get closer to the convention, the Club will move them to the non-attending cue. Currently, they must keep them in the attending cue for members that are coming to the convention. The Staybridge Hotel is out of rooms in the block and FunPub is trying to have some more added. If you need a room, try them again tomorrow. Please let the Club no directly know if you have any issues.

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2018 GIJoeCon Information Brochure Is Now Available

It’s here! The 2018 GIJoeCon Information Brochure is online and available for your reading pleasure! You can download the direct PDF file here: 2018 GIJoeCon Information Brochure

Let’s cut to the chase though – You want know what the 2018 Convention set theme is? Well, hold on to your seats, as the theme is Python Patrol vs. Slaughters Marauders!


The COBRA PYTHON PATROL is an elite unit of troopers that have been handpicked for their various tactical specialties. They are expertly trained and equipped for stealth and infiltration missions. They wear unique camouflage grid uniforms to mask their presence, which confuses radar detection systems and allows them to accomplish sinister operations around the globe. 

Using the latest radar absorbing materials and stealth technology, PYTHON PATROL 2.0 rears its ugly head with a surgical strike against their sworn enemy. Led by the nefarious MAJOR BLUDD, they have successfully captured a “Real American Hero” and key member of the G.I.Joe team. 

The SLAUGHTER’S MARAUDERS unit is called into action to mount a dire rescue mission of their original commander. A fellow Marine Drill Instructor, SGT. SMASHER takes the squad leader position and selects highly specialized soldiers for a fast attack, ground assault into enemy territory to combat these devious COBRA FORCES. 

PYTHON PATROL 2.0 is a dangerous unit, but it will take more than their special uniforms and slitherine nastiness to get the best of the entire SLAUGHTER’S MARAUDERS team!

The set includes –

  • SLAUGHTER’S MARAUDERS: Sgt. Smasher, Footloose, Hardball, Mutt & Junkyard, Spirit & Freedom. 
  • PYTHON PATROL: Major Bludd, Python H.E.A.T. Viper x3, Python Lamprey x3, Python Laser Viper x3

There’s also the 12″ Exclusive set, the Green Beret Machine Gun Outpost Boxed Set! There’s so much to talk about, so join us after the break to get in on the GIJoeCon 2018 discussion here on the Cobra Island Forums!

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GIJoeCon 2018 Secondary Hotel and Figure Subscription Service 6 and 7 Info

The G.I.Joe Collectors Club has shared word on a couple of different fronts, so let’s get right to it! 

  • First up, by popular demand, a second hotel location has been added for convention attendees at the Staybridge Suites Downtown Chattanooga. Please call this hotel directly at 423-267-0900, or through the Central Reservations System at 800-238-8000. The Staybridge rate is $154 for two doubles and it’s about a block further from the convention site than the Marriott. Convention info will be released in early January 2018, with registration starting in Mid-January

Next up, the Club has sent out an e-mail communication to members regarding FSS 6 & 7: 

  • FSS 6.0 has landed on the west coast.  The Club expects the shipment to arrive at their warehouse in the next 10 days or so. In the meanwhile, if you’ve moved since Summer 2016, make sure to update your shipping address. 
  • FSS 7.0 figure previews & order period will start next week and end December 4, 2017. According to the Club, we’ll all be very excited about the upcoming figures. Figure Subscription Service7.0 is slated to start shipping in Spring 2018, just after FSS 6.0 concludes. 

What’s your take on this latest grouping of updates from the GIJCC? Sound off on the Cobra Island Forums by visiting our Official JoeCon2018 Discussion and G.I.Joe Collectors Club FSS 6 & 7 Discussion Threads! 

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G.I. Joe Club Expires December 2016

It appears that the G.I. Joe Club, JoeCon, the Transformers Club, and BotCon will be no more!

The Allspark reports that Fun Publications, the company that currently hosts the G.I. Joe Club, JoeCon, the Transformers Club, and BotCon, announced that all memberships to their clubs expire on December 31, 2016, which indicates that they will no longer retain the license after that point.

There’s no word on whether or not there will be a G.I. Joe Club or JoeCon after their contract expires, but there’s speculation that BotCon will be replaced by “Transformers experiences”

This also means that next year’s G.I. Joe Figure Subscription Service is the last one to be produced by the G.I. Joe Club!

G.I. Joe Club expiration discussion!

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GeeWunner Custom Building Sets July Update – JoeCon Inspired Vehicles Inbound!

Our friend GeeWunner posted a new teaser image on Twitter, highlighting his upcoming July 2015 offerings. For those of you that picked up the JoeCon 2015 Tiger Force vs. Iron Grenadiers Kre-O set, then you’ll definitely want to check out this update!

Coming in July are 4 JoeCon 2015 Inspired vehicle building sets –

  • Enemy Weapons Dealer Sub – Iron Grenadiers Sting Raider
  • Cat Unit Fan Boat – Tiger Force Tiger Shark
  • Cat Unit Assault Quad 2.0 – Tiger Force Tiger Paw
  • Cat Unit General Purpose Attack Vehicle MK II – Tiger Force Tiger Sting

There will be a blog post with full image reveals around mid-June, which is when pre-orders will begin. Until then you can find these vehicles and a whole lot more G.I.Joe A Real American Hero inspired custom building sets over on [url=][/url] so go check them out then join us here on Cobra Island to [url=!&p=171855#post171855]discuss these exciting new sets[/url]!

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