Marauder Task Force Novel From Bill Nedrow

Coming soon from author Bill Nedrow is a novel based on the Marauder Task Force action figures. Bill posted an update which can be read below: In case you hadn’t heard the news: Official Release: During the JoeCon 2018 Kindle Worlds Author Panel, it was announced that Bill Nedrow will be responsible for writing a … Read moreMarauder Task Force Novel From Bill Nedrow

Amazon Preparing To Sunset Kindle Worlds Platform

Disappointing news to share with those that, like me, love picking up titles from Kindle Worlds. Word began circulating that Amazon has begun to reach out to authors to advise that Amazon will be sunsetting (shutting down) the Kindle Worlds platform.

Our friend Justin from Generals Joes shared some interesting information by way of Mr. Nate Hoffelder from The-Digital-Reader. Nate notes that submitting new content will be denied after tomorrow (May 17th) and all published works will be taken down by July 16th.

There are so many talented authors with amazing pieces of G.I.Joe fiction on Kindle Worlds, so if you plan on hitting the G.I.Joe Kindle Worlds page, you better do so while you have the chance. Keep in mind that you don’t need a Kindle to enjoy these works; You can download an Amazon Kindle Reader directly to your iOS or Android device. 

Are you disappointed to hear this? I know that we here on the Island are. You can jump in on the conversation in progress after the break on the Cobra Island Forums

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G.I.JOE Season 3.1 – A Kindle Worlds Tribute to Sunbow

Mr. Gene Kendall, a blogger and contributor to comics/entertainment site CBR, stopped by to share word of his latest project currently available on Kindle Worlds

Gene has been a fan of JOE for essentially his entire life and has completed his prose tribute to the Sunbow canon a few weeks ago. It’s available here (he’d love to hear your thoughts and would appreciate any reviews): G.I. JOE: Season 3.1 (Kindle Worlds) Kindle Edition

Gene shared a synopsis on the board; Here’s a small taste – 

Am I arrogant enough to believe this is what one of theanimated series’ writers would’ve done with a prose novel? Nope, but I think if this were published as a cheap paperback circa 1987, it’d be pretty entertaining. G. I. Joe works best when finding a balance between earnestness and irony, so this became as much of a guide when writing as my imposed rules. The story embraces some of the absurdity of the brand, but never dwells on it.

Head on over to Kindle Worlds and add G.I. JOE: Season 3.1 (Kindle Worlds) Kindle Edition to your reading list! Once you’re done, join us after the break on the Cobra Island Forumsto share your thoughts with Gene directly! 

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Bill Nedrow’s G.I. JOE Contamination Legacy 3 Sightline Now On Kindle Worlds

Bill Nedrow’s latest Kindle Worlds Novella, G.I. JOE: Contamination Legacy 3: Sightline, is now available for your reading pleasure! 

It is September of 2016, and the Cuban operative formerly known as Flashpoint has been in possession of Doctor Venom’s deadly viruses for years. Now, the time has finally come for him to take his revenge. Only one man stands a chance of stopping him: Sightline of the G.I. Joe team. However, with Crimson Asp working to recover what Cobra lost so long ago, will he be able to put a stop to Doctor Venom’s legacy once and for all?

Head on over to Amazon and purchase the exciting conclusion to the Contamination Legacy series! If you haven’t had the opportunity to review previously releases, not to worry, we have you covered – You can view Bill’s entire catalog of offerings on Amazon here:

Once you’ve added Bill’s latest title to your Kindle collection, join us on the Cobra Island Forums for discussion already in progress! 

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G.I. Joe: Body Count Available on Kindle Worlds!

Bill Nedrow‘s newest book, G.I. Joe: Body Count is now available on Kindle Worlds!

Following the suspenseful conclusion of G.I. Joe: Honor, the G.I. Joe team looks poised to eliminate the threat of Cobra once and for all. Those prospects seem even more likely when a former Cobra Viper defects, bringing with him information that could lead Hawk’s team to victory. However, while Cobra may be in a state of disarray, the organization is far from crippled, as forces work from the shadows to launch a plot that nobody will see coming until it is too late. G.I. Joe: Body Count delivers intrigue and action that fans of G.I. Joe have come to expect.

You can purchase and download your copy of G.I. Joe: Body Count on Amazon!

G.I. Joe: Body Count discussion!

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