Uncle Kunio Laurel at BBTS

Big Bad Toy Store revealed a preorder page for their exclusive Laurel Worker Uncle Kunio Acid Rain World figure!

The Laurel Worker Uncle Kunio figure is the worker variant of the Laurel (Marine) mech from the Acid Rain World toy line!

The Laurel Worker Uncle Kunio figure is limited to 400 pieces, so make sure you preorder your Laurel Worker Uncle Kunio figure before they sell out!

Acid Rain World discussion!

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Acid Rain World

Acid Rain World Armored Figure

Kit Lau posted a sketch of an Acid Rain World character in a new kind of body armor, as well as a photo of a prototype of said figure on his Acid Rain World instragram page!

Anyone who collects the Acid Rain World figures is bound to be excited by this latest development!  I know I can’t wait to find out more about this one!

As always you can visit Big Bad Toy Store and The Toy Source for more awesome Acid Rain World figures and vehicles!

Will this be a vehicle driver, or will it be released as a single?  Will you troop build it?  Head on over to the Acid Rain World discussion to let us know!

I know I wouldn’t mind if our armored friend was a single figure, since I’d like a few of them, and it doesn’t hurt that it’ll probably be released in the new crate-style packaging that Kit’s been designing!

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Acid Rain World Photos from Kit Lau

Kit Lau posted several new photos, featuring Acid Rain World figures, and the upcoming Acid Rain World line of clothing!

Check out more great Acid Rain World images on Kit Lau’s Acid Rain World Instagram page!  As always you can get your Acid Rain World fix from Big Bad Toy Store and The Toy Source!


Acid Rain World discussion!

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Kit Lau at Taiwan TTF 2015!

Kit Lau posted several images from his stay at Taiwan TTF 2015, as well as his customs, on his Acid Rain World Instagram page!

That’s right!  If you checked out the captions you know that enough people have asked Kit about the 1/6 Laurel that he’s seriously considering producing a retail version!  That would be awesome!

Kit Lau at Taiwan TTF 2015 discussion!

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