Marauder Task Force Roleplaying Game Kickstarter Campaign Now Live!

The new Marauder Task Force Roleplaying Game is now LIVE on Kickstarter!

To give you a bit of background, it’s a modern tactical combat roleplaying game where you can build your own character with Marauder “Gun-Runners” extensive line of customizable action figures. As you build your own figure using Marauder “Gun-Runners” wide assortment of modular accessories, your build choices determine your character’s options for attack and defense. In between missions, you can reconfigure your character’s build based on the type of operation with many different accessory options available on the Marauder “Gun-Runners” site. 

This project will produce the Marauder Task Force Roleplaying Game Corebook and one set of Weapon and Armor cards, which will include all the rules you need to play both modes of the game. The Corebook and the cards will include stats for all currently released Marauder accessories. Beyond this project, Marauder “Gun-Runners” will release stats for all future Marauder “Gun-Runners” accessory releases.

The game is run using the new Tactical RPG game system that is flexible, fast, and fun to play. Pledge levels include: 

  • Digital Backer – For $10 or more, you will get one PDF of the Marauder Task Force Roleplaying Game Corebook. No physical item add-ons will be allowed at this level. 
  • Just the Book & Cards – For $25 or more, you get one physical copy of the Marauder Task Force Roleplaying Game Corebook, a set of the Weapon & Armor cards, as well as the PDF copy of both. 
  • Book + Extras – $45 or more gets you all noted above; You will also get one Marauder Accessory Pack and the Game Accessories Pack. 
  • Retailer Pack – $100 or more gets you x6 of the MTF RPG Corebook and x6 WEapon & Armor Card sets. 
  • All In – For $120 or more, you get one physical copy of the Marauder Task Force Roleplaying Game Corebook as well as a PDF copy of the book; one Weapon and Armor Card Set and PDF of the set; one Marauder Arsenal Pack; and the Game Accessories Pack. You will also get one of each figure unlocked during this campaign.
    *If no new figures are unlocked during this campaign, Marauder GR will add 2 (TWO) fully geared up currently available Marauder Task Force figures to your reward package (OVER a $60 Value). NOTE: If this option is necessary, figure choice will be random and up to the discretion of Marauder GR.

Will you be getting in on the latest Marauder Task Force Kickstarter Campaign? Let us know after the break on the Cobra Island Forums!

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Marauder Task Force 118th K9 Dog, Exo Suit and Contract-Ops Kickstarter Update

Hey Taskers! An update has been received from our friends at Marauder Gun Runners. It pertains to the backerkit survey that was sent out not too long ago. Here’s the scoop – 

Reminder, please COMPLETE your Kickstarter Backerkit registration as soon as possible. We plan to close the Backerkit registration site within the next 10 days and finalize item production quantities…so need your orders completed to be SURE you get what you want. If you are having any issues completing your registration or need another invitation to your Backerkit survey, just let us know. We will begin processing credit card payments for additional items added to reward packages via the Backerkit site this week (ORIGINAL Kickstarter pledge amounts were charged when the event ended, credit cards are ONLY charged for new items added via backerkit).
Thanks for your support!

You heard the man, go make sure your Backerkit surveys are filled out and returned! Once you’re done, just us for discussion already in progress right here on the Cobra Island Forums!

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Marauder Gun Runners – Marauder Task Force Kickstarter Backerkit Inbound!

Heads up, everyone! Our friends at Marauder Gun-Runners have shared word that the backerkit for their Marauder Task Force 1:18th K9 Dog, Exo Suit & Contract-Ops kickstarter campaign is now being sent to backers! 

New items have been added to the event! Included in the new assortment are: 

  • MTF Valkyries AGENCY OPS female figures in BLACK Business Suits
  • MTF Valkyries AGENCY OPS female figures in GRAY business suits with NEW female head sculpts
  • MTF Male AGENCY OPS Troopers in GRAY business suits

Sounds like there’s a whole bunch of awesome on the way! Will be you be adding these new options to your pledge? Sound off on the Cobra Island Forums

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Marauder Gun Runners Marauder Task Force Kickstarter Update

The Marauder Task Force 1:18th K9 Dog, Exo Suit & Contract-Ops Kickstarter Campaign has only 36 hours left to go and is blowing through stretch goals left & right, with less than $5K to go before the next is unlocked! The latest additions that have been unlocked include – 

  • Marauder Task Force White with Black Female GHOST-OPS Valkyries
  • Marauder Task Force Assault Ops Valkyries
  • Marauder Task Force 650 Backers Rescue-Ops Red & White Female Valkyries
  • Marauder Task Force Gray K9 Military Dog Unit

Our friends from Marauder Inc. also shared a detailed gallery of the K9 Unit, showcasing all of it’s awesome articulation! With less than 2 days to go, there’s no time like the present to get your pledge in and join the Marauder Task Force! What are your thoughts on these latest unlocked offerings? Sound off on the Cobra Island Forums

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Custom MTF Style Marvel Taskmaster By TR1ER

Check out this killer Taskmaster custom made by TR1ER, better known around the ‘net as Marauder Ruben! Here’s a bit of background on this awesome custom creation –

Now I know why my son was digging through my parts. He wanted to make a MTF Taskmaster.

All the parts selection and bash by my Son , all of the work done by me. duh.

Just goes to show how versatile the MTF bucks are. Does this make you want to create a Taskmaster of your own? Have you already created one? Sound off on the Cobra Island Dreadnok Chop Shop Forums!

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Marauder Task Force Valkyries New Unlocked Figure and Color Images

The [url=]Marauder Task Force Valkyries Kickstarter[/url] marches on, with a new stretch goal being unlocked and new full color images of upcoming Valkyries being shared on the [url=]Marauder Inc. Facebook Page[/url].

The color versions of the Desert-Ops, Urban-Ops and Night-Ops Valkyries 3d illustrations have been attached to this story and can be viewed after the jump. These color renderings better capture the design and appearance of the figures. The second “Bonus” stretch goal is unlocked, so Contributors at the Aesir level or higher can add the Gray Tech-Ops action figure to their rewards for $18 per figure. Folkvangr and Valhalla level contributors already get 1 (one) Gray Tech-Ops figure added to their rewards and can also order additional Intel-Ops figures for $18 per figure.

Join us after the break to get in on the ongoing Marauder Task Force Valkyries discussion!

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3D Valkyrie Models!

The Marauder Gun-Runners updated their Marauder Task Force Valkyries Kickstarter with 3D images of some of their upcoming Valkyrie figures!

Interested in these figures?  Check out the Marauder Task Force Valkyries Kickstarter!  And don’t forget to check out the first wave of Marauder Task Force figures on the Marauder Gun-Runners storefront!

Marauder Task Force Valkyrie discussion!

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Marauder Task Force

Marauder’s dangle more Stretch Goal Goodness!

Not ready to settle and be laid back after successfully funding Valkyries after 2 days and already hitting their 1st stretch goal with the Valkyrie Pilot, Marauders “Gun Runners” has added more stretch goals!

And guess what?! They are early tiers! So you don’t have to wait for the finally hours and post the 294k smackaroos to get these!

The stretch goals include 4 male MTF figures decked out in new highly requested color combos on the BossFight sculpts! A few folks have already keyed in on some definite opportunities with these as well **cough**NotHydra**cough**NotCobraCoil**cough**

Make sure to keep up with Marauders “Gun Runners” on Facebook!

And Support the Valkyries Kickstarter!

Discuss further on The Island Forums!

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Customize Marauders more with Stickers!

Have you opened your Task Force army? Have you pledged for your Valkyries? Have you already tried EVERY possible armor combination!? Well don’t fear Marauder “Gun Runners” still have you covered… literally cover with STICKERS! Patches, emblems, logos, insignias .. deck out your troops even farther!

ONE (1) complete sheet of custom die cut stickers.  Incredibly detailed stickers are perfect size to use ON 1:18 scale figures and accessories.  Die-cut stickers are just “peel and stick”…no water or cutting!  Stickers are made out of a VERY thin film to allow for a realistic use on the figures (NOT “big & thick” material like is commonly used).  The sheet has a wide variety of sticker styles: Country flags in “bright” and muted colors (US, UK, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Australia), unit patches, Marauder Task Force “Skull/Knife” logos, miniature beret shields, name badges…even “shark teeth” for use on helmets!  The MTF sticker sheet allows you to take your detail custom work to a new level! This is our first sticker sheet release and we will be adding MANY more sticker sheet designs to our assortment.  Sheet measures 4 inches by 4-1/2 inches.  

Make sure to Order your Sticker HERE before they’re GONE!

Tell us where you’re going to Stick Em on The Island Forums!

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Marauder’s Valkyries Have Launched!

The wait is Over! Marauders “Gun Runners” and their highly anticipated follow up to their recent Marauder’s Task Force release have hit the ground running. The Kickstarter is up and with some exciting releases on hand! In less then 12 hours the Kickstarter has all ready nearly reached half of it’s initial funding goal. Which mean we should be on to those 16 Stretch goals quick! … Marauder’s knows us well too … saving those awesome red and crimson sets for the end just to lure us all in! Rest assured though, with all the way until September 14th to pledge i’m sure we’re going to see the team have to unleash a few more Stretch goals along the way!

Make sure to Support the Valkyries HERE!

Discuss which Pledge Level you’re throwing down for on the Island Forums!


“Thanks to your support, the launch of the original Marauder Task Force 1:18 scale action figure line was a tremendous success!   The momentum of the first MTF release spawned requests for more figures, more accessories, and demands for FEMALE Marauder Task Force team members.  We are delighted to introduce our female Marauder Task Force team members, the VALKYRIES, or as we fondly refer to them, “Vals.”

Each highly detailed Marauder Task Force VALKYRIES figure is fully articulated, features multi-role customizable design options, is fully factory painted and equipped with a wide variety of interchangeable accessories. As with the male MTF figures, the simple-to-customize figures are designed to work WITH “modular” gear & accessories. Most of the modular accessories from the original MTF figures WILL work with the new Val figures and vice versa. The action figures have a unique design versatility that allows for use in Sci-Fi, Police, Military, and Superhero roles. Basically, whatever scenario is required, the Marauder Task Force VALKYRIES figures can fill the need. The nameless, faceless minions are ideal for army building or to use as “backup” with other currently available action figures.

Each 1:18 scale action figure is approximately 4 inches tall, made from high tech ABS & PVC materials and produced AT a modern factory (NOT “castings” made out of “resin”). The figures feature an amazing level of sculpting detail and realistic authentic designs. For maximum poseability, each figure has a large number of articulation points to allow positioning in virtually any pose required.

“Modular” interchangeable accessories is the key feature to the Marauder GR Valkyrie Action Figure System. To assist the “customizers” in our hobby, the removable headgear & vests have “modular” attachment points which provide the ability to “mix & match” the assorted modular equipment as desired. Also, there are “modular” accessory mounting points ON the actual figure. The figures and accessories will be available in assorted colors.

There are several participation levels in our Kickstarter project. Everything from simple contributions, to single figure level options, to massive 50 figure “Valhalla” sets…all the way to limited “one of a kind” Paint Master prototypes. The higher the participation level, the better the value. To add to the event, there are several “Stretch” goals. If we hit the stretch goals MORE female Val figure styles will be available, NEW male MTF figure designs & body parts will be available to order and FREE bonus items will be added to specific participation levels.

If you’re looking for super detailed, articulated, fully painted, easy to customize 1:18 scale FEMALE action figures with interchangeable accessories…the Marauder Task Force Valkyries action figures are for you!

With YOUR support, we can make it happen!”


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