Marauder Task Force Figures Now Deploying To Mailboxes Everywhere!

Ladies and Gents, the wait is over! The Marauder Task Force gaming figures from [url=]Marauders Inc.[/url] are shipping to mailboxes across the Globe and should hit your mail box Soon!….Well, that is, if you happened to get in on the  [url=]MTF Kickstarter[/url]. The following message was sent out to supporters –

Hey Marauder Task Force Team Members!

We have begun shipping the Marauder Task Force Kickstarter reward packages! THANK YOU for your patience through this entire process and really appreciate those that stuck it out with us! It will take some time to pack & ship all the orders, but our goal is to have EVERYTHING shipped by the end of next week. Several of you will start receiving packages on Monday 6/22, with receipts continuing to arrive there after. International orders ship first, but will still take longer than domestic orders to arrive.

ALL our resources are directed towards packing & shipping, so please be so kind as to hold off asking for tracking info or checking if your package has shipped. We will be DELIGHTED to deal with specific package shipping details on a case by case basis after shipping is complete.

Also, a BIG thank you to Boss Fight Studio. We all know about their design work on the MTF project, but the delay with our MTF project resulted in a “ripple” effect delay with the release of their Vitruvian HACKS project. BFS went above & beyond helping to correct the production issues. Everything from working solutions with the engineers, reviewing materials, tooling adjustments…they even took time to check out the production during their recent Hong Kong trip. Thanks to the combined efforts of BFS & MGR, and our factory vendors, we have refined our production process, hopefully ensuring smoother rollout for all upcoming BFS & MGR projects.

Again, THANK YOU for your support and we really hope you like YOUR Marauder Task Force action figures & accessories!

MJ & the entire Marauder Team

If you didn’t get in on the Kickstarter, well no worries! Marauder John will definitely have figures available in store for those that are interested, so keep your eyes locked on the Marauder website! Join us after the jump to get in on the excitement!

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Marauder Task Force Command Ops Trooper Photo Gallery

I don’t know about you, but all of us here at Cobra Island cannot wait for the Marauder Task Force figures from Marauders Inc to start shipping! We recently saw an in-depth review from GeneralsJoes and now we get another to whet or appetites! DESTRO at HISSTANK was provided the oh-so-awesome Red Command Ops Trooper and all of his gear…and needless to say, it’s absolutely amazing!

Showing all the different customization possibilities, the Command Ops Trooper looks fantastic and will be a welcome addition to any Modern Army Action Figure collection. We’ve mirrored a small assortment of the images here that you can see by reading on, but you’ll want to make sure to check out the [url=]full Marauder Task Force Command Ops Trooper Photo Gallery[/url] to get a real feel of what’s coming to your mail box soon enough!

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Marauder Task Force In Hand Review By GeneralsJoes

I know I speak for just about everyone when I say that anticipation is building for the announcement that the Marauder Task Force figures from [url=]Marauder Inc.[/url] are inbound to everyone’s mail boxes. Justin Bell aka General Hawk who will from here on out be referred to as “Lucky Bum!” has put together an extensive review of the Marauder Task Force figures in all of their glory!

Wait, what?

Yes! Justin has the Marauder Task Force figures and has put together an in-depth review of the entire assortment, including their accessories, from body armor to weaponry! Justin has also provided an archive of images to help drive you up the wall with excitement! Looking over the images, it’s clear that the partnership between Marauder & Boss Fight Studio on this project resulted in an absolute grand slam home run.

We’ve mirrored just a hand full of images here, so make sure to check out the full [url=]Marauder Task Force Review on GeneralJoes[/url] for the full scoop. Once you’ve had your fill, share your thoughts and excitement with us after the break!

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Marauder Task Force Update!

We’ve got an update on the upcoming Marauder Task Force figures, courtesy Marauder “Gun Runners”!

Production is currently underway at the factory on the Marauder Task Force “replacement” figures. It took time, but after SEVERAL updated production samples, we finally approved all the engineering and material changes for the figures. Our friends at Boss Fight Studio were actually at the factory dealing with their own project, and were kind enough to check in on the MTF production. Delighted to say that all their reports were very positive!

Here are images of the MTF figures during various stages of the production/assembly process (looks like the body part dump outside of a civil war surgery tent…but you get the idea).

We are still on target for an early summer ship. After the Kickstarter reward packages ship AND start to arrive at their destinations, THEN the remaining figures & accessories will go live on our website. Thanks again for your support and patience!

…And we use to think that “Gun-Running” was challenging!

Thanks again!


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Marauder Inc Marauder Task Force Sticker Design Contest

Our friends from [url=]Marauder Inc[/url] have posted up a new “contest” of sorts that will allow you to submit logo designs that may be used as stickers for MTF figures! Continue reading to hear the scoop directly from Marauder_John, then join us after the break to talk all about it!

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Marauder Gun Runners tease MTF “Valkyries”!

Our friends over at Marauder Gun Runners hot on the heels of finishing up and getting prime to release their Marauders Task Force are already looking to the horizon. That horizon being “Valkyries“!

‘Hey Folks!

Here is a little “teaser” for our NEXT figure project! More details to follow as we complete the current MTF figure roll-out.

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