Nekomans Viper Pit Presents Joecon in Retrospect

Nekoman, curator of Nekoman’s Viper Pit, sat down with various members of the G.I.Joe Community to put together a retrospective of JoeCon and what it means, or has meant to those whom were invited to sit in on the panel. From Nekoman – 

The GI Joe collecting community is approaching a special occasion with the upcoming Joecon. That is, this Joecon will be the last Joecon convention and mark the end of the GI Joe Collector’s Club, who’s been operating for over fifteen years now. It’s uncertain what we’ll be left with and what the future holds for GI Joe collectors, so I’ve decided to discuss the topic in the form of seven questions with five of the best GI Joe writers on the internet.

The Panel members included: 

  • RTG: A GI Joe photographer who specializes in 1982 through 1984 figures. He also has recently started his blog Attica Gazzette, which has snappy profiles and top-tier photographs. Also check him out on Instagram.
  • CIAD: Owner of Cobra Island, an all things GI Joe news site and message board. He was also the long-time administrator of HISS Tank, and covered news there for about a decade. He also posts to Instagram.
  • Mike T: GI Joe blogger who has run Forgotten Figures since 1999. His long time dedication to the brand is clear in his knowledge of some of the most obscure GI Joe facts from his time collecting. He’s also on Instagram.
  • Dragon Fortress: Another blogger who’s site is The Dragon Fortress, a blog dedicated to the often underrated toys from the 90‘s, with a frequent focus on GI Joe. Here he is on Instagram.
  • Justin Bell: Owner of Generals Joes, another prolific Joe Blog that’s run since 2002, featuring reviews of current figures, his diorama comic, and GI Joe news. Here is the Instagram for his site.

We here at Cobra Island were honored to be considered to share our thoughts alongside these fine gentlemen and cannot thank Nekoman enough for allowing us the opportunity to contribute. 

You can read the Retrospective in its entirety here – Joecon in Retrospect: A Discussion with the Best Joe Writers from Around the Web

Make sure to check out Nekoman’s Viper Pit for other fantastic articles just like this! What are your thoughts on JoeCon? Share your thoughts on this Retrospective and of JoeCon with us after the break on the Cobra Island Forums!

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