Joelanta 2018 – Red Lasers Army Night Trooper Reveal and Display

Joelanta was held this past weekend and in attendance was none other than Red Lasers Army! RLA had a fantastic display set up, displaying all of the current offerings available under the Red Lasers Army umbrella. The diorama was made by Scorched Earth Creations and is all sorts of cool! That wasn’t the only bit of awesome Red Laser had up his sleeve! Revealed at Joelanta is the new Red Lasers Army Night Trooper!

Based on the popular Cobra Viper Mold (with removable helmet), the green, black and gold really make this figure pop and make him a must have for any collection! If you missed out on this offering at Joelanta, no worries, Red Laser notes that the Night Trooper will also be available at the SoCal Joe Show and of course, directly through Red Laser himself. 

What are your thoughts on the Night Trooper? Will you be adding one (or many) to your collection, or skipping it all together? Get in on the all the Joelanta talking points after the break on the Cobra Island Forums

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