Great things on the horizon for Eagle Force Returns

The Official Eagle Force Returns Facebook page has been on fire recently, showcasing artwork from a trio of upcoming sub lines from the Eagle Force Universe! Check out the trio below – 

When things are a bit too strange for Eagle Force… General Brown calls in The Monster Force!

Next up in the ever expanding Eagle Force mythology is Eagle Force Mega*! After the fall of Eagle Island a new threat emerged in the rise of the Digital Age. In the early 90’s Goldie Hawk reforms Eagle Force to defend democracy and uphold freedom. Look for more Eagle Force Mega transmedia later this year! *These are not planned as action figures at this time

Eagle Force: Ninja Force*: 
Pursued by Kayo and the Eagle Force’s Talon Company, Sonny Yen and Frank Walsh are on the run for a crime they didn’t commit and become ensnared in an ancient war between two rival ninja clans. Look for more Eagle Force Ninja Force transmedia later this year! *These are not planned as action figures at this time

Are you excited to explore the Eagle Force universe? Join us for discussion already in progress on the Cobra Island Forums

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Ninja Force Zartan!

Check out this sweet custom Ninja Force Zartan by ska_lives!

So, here is part 1 of the recent set of figures a friend has asked me to make for him; Ninja Force Zartan. This figure was pretty simple to assemble, but had some surprising difficulties when assembling some of his accessories and details. The mohawk and jacket shoulder pads are sculpted on with green stuff, while the chain is an actual craft chain primed and painted. Im pretty happy about how this figure turned out. There are a couple spots that I need to go back and touch up now that I see the photos, mostly in the green areas, but all in all Im pretty happy.

Head: ROC Zartan w/ sculpted Mohawk
Torso/ upper arms/ Upper legs: POC Desert Storm Shadow
Lower arm right: POC Desert Storm Shadow w/ sculpted arm guard
Lower arm left: Ret. Kwinn
Hand right: DG Storm Shadow
Hand left: Ret. Ult. Flint
Lower legs: POC Rock Viper

BP: Ret. SS w/ added hooks (handle of Ren. wv. 2 RB gun thingy) to hold bow
Swords: ” ”
Bow: DG SS w/ string
Small Blades: Ret. Lady Jaye
Thigh Sheathes: Ren. Firefly sheath cut w/ figure bands from packaging
Machine pistol: 25th Mutt

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