Acid Rain World at Pocket In Action Club Exhibition

The PIA Club held a joint exhibition this past Saturday at the “Big Cola creative space” in Taipei. The Exhibition’s aim is to showcase new items set for release, with several familiar names being represented – Boss Fight Studio, Devil Toys, Dream Concept Studio, Mayhem Mekanics and of course, offerings from the Acid Rain World to name a few. 

This article will focus on the ARW offerings displayed at the exhibition, so make sure to check out this wonderful write up by our friends at Toy-People to check out what else was featured at the Event. 

The Acid Rain World was represented on 2 fronts by 3 different companies:

  • Beaver – Beaver was on hand displaying their amazing 2.Five (2.5″) offerings, including the upcoming Omanga HADES and their Armored Calvary pieces. 
  • Ori Toy – Fans of 1/18th scale Acid Rain Offerings were treated to a series of Laurels and Raptors, alongside new figure offerings that should be out soon. 
  • Toy Alliance – New on the Acid Rain World scene is Toy Alliance, showcasing their new Flakbike, alongside other upcoming offerings. 

We’ve mirrored a gallery of 30 images for you to feast your eyes on courtesy of Toy-People, so make sure to check’em out by reading more below. Will you be adding any of these upcoming Acid Rain World offerings to your collection? Sound off after the break on the Cobra Island Forums

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SDCC 2015 Acid Rain Green Jeep And Green Commander

Acid Rain is offering up more nostalgic old school goodness this convention season! As with their Convention Exclusive “Army Men“, a 3 pack of Agurts Infantry figures painted in all green, the latest Acid Rain exclusive will definitely become a must have for fans and newcomers alike!

The Acid Rain Green Jeep includes a Green Sol Commander, along with weapons and accessories found with other figure from the Acid Rain World. If you’re familiar with the line, then you know that AR exclusives sell out and sell out QUICKLY, so if you get a chance at one, jump on it!

This piece will be available for $50 at San Diego Comic-Con 2015, at the Toynami booth. For those that can’t make the show, keep your eyes locked on eBay! Are you planning on adding the Exclusive Green Jeep and Green Commander to your Acid Rain collection? Sound off on Cobra Island!

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More Omanga Art!

Kit Lau posted more concept artwork for the Omanga soldiers on his Acid Rain World Instagram page!

Omanga soldiers! Yes, they has robot soldiers.
At the beginning, They just want to develop a robot arm and leg for the Wounded soldiers. But after most of the science and technology become mature, finally evolved into a military robot

Acid Rain World Omanga discussion!

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Don’t Go Losing Your Head Over These New Arms!

Kit Lau posted an image on his Acid Rain World instagram page, showing the new arm construction being used to the Omanga soldiers!

A small step for future!
We will have different bodies for Omanga soldiers

And remember you can find Acid Rain World figures and vehicles at Big Bad Toy Store and the Toy Source!

New Acid Rain World arm construction thread!

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Laurel (Marine) Sketch Art!

Kit Lau posted a sketch of the Laurel (Marine) figures on his Acid Rain World Instagram page!

As the war becomes more frequent, the government needs to mobilize resources to battlefields more quickly, and it gives birth to Stronghold and Speeder. These transformable armours can deliver armaments to the battlefield more quickly. With the wars no longer sporadic, military spending has increased substantially to support development of armours for long lasting warfares. Developing all rounded type of armor is the trend. To minimize the casualties of the soldiers so that they can stay longer on the battlefield, Laurel System is fully developed. This is the first time the system was developed by a private company. For this reason, the non-military parts of the Laurel System was exported to other countries. To maximize its ability for general use, it is designed to couple with additional arms, some engineers also tailor make personalized armours for some individual soldiers.

Excited about these awesome figures?  What if I told you that you could pre-order your own Laurel (Marine) figure at Big Bad Toy Store or the Toy Source?  Pre-order your marines today!

Laurel (Marine) discussion!

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