GT toy company 1:18 Scale Parallel War 3D Renders Revealed

In keeping with the “World War” theme this Friday, Weihua Wei (Planet Green Valley) has shared an awesome reveal via Facebook – A new commission for G.T Toy company. This new line, named “Parallel War”, features a post apocalyptic style selection of figures with a German Army design. 

The “Parallel War” story takes place during World War I, but in a different, parallel universe. Our friends from Ouying Studio are handling all the concept design and 3D model making, so you know these offerings will be amazing! The first round is expected to be on sale Christmas 2018. Later, we’ll see more factions introduced, including the French Army and Air Force pilot. The best part? You can change each figure’s equipment, giving them a look for both worlds! 

Weihua has shared a gallery of (10) images that we’ve mirrored below for your viewing pleasure, so make sure to read more to check it out. The gallery shows us different head and gear options, along with the parts breakdown of how each figure is assembled, highlighting the advanced articulation present in each offering. 

We’ll bring you more details as they become available. What are your initial thoughts on the Parallel War renders shared here? Sound off after the break on the Cobra Island Forums!

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