Towards the end of the Rise of Cobra line, certain figures never saw the light of day, but were later re-purposed as part of the Pursuit of Cobra line. These two figures fall in to that category. Included in these actions are Jungle Duke and Jungle Cobra Commander. You might ask “What’s so special about these?”

Well, if you look closely, the Jungle Duke figure sports a Channing Tatum headsculpt, whereas the Jungle Cobra Commander includes a “Nanobot” and features a ROC Commander’s head on a body that was later used for POC Cobra Commander. You can check out both links below and even get your bid in if you’d like!

  • [url=]VHTF Prototype POC Jungle Duke Cancelled with Accessories | eBay[/url].
  • [url=]Gi Joe Cancelled Prototype POC Jungle Cobra Commander RARE VHTF | eBay[/url]

Are you a prototype collector? Would you add these figures to your collection? Or are you fine without them and/or with the versions you already own? Join in on the discussion here on Cobra Island!

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G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra Unreleased Carded Desert Battle Ripcord on eBay!

Now here’s something you don’t see every day! Thanks go to our good friend [url=]DESTRO[/url] for pointing out this rare G.I.Joe Rise of Cobra unreleased carded Desert Battle Ripcord on eBay!

The wave that included this version of Ripcord never made it to retail before the conversion over to G.I.Joe Pursuit of Cobra. As such, Ripcord was repainted, given a different head and renamed Skydive. Although a few of these pieces appeared on eBay for some time, they were loose and complete, not carded as this example is.

You can check out the auction and more images here: [url=]Unreleased Prototype Ripcord G.I.Joe Figure[/url]

What are your thoughts on this version of Ripcord? Were you able to snag one when they were on eBay? Do you prefer this version, or do you like Skydive more? Read on to join us on the boards to discuss this cool eBay find! 

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