OriToy Acid Rain World 1:18th Scale Display at C3 AFA 2018 HK

For you fans of 1:18th scale Acid Rain World offerings, no worries, there’s new items on the horizon for you as well! Our friends Kit Lau and OriToy are in attendance at C3 AFA Hong Kong 2018 and they’ve brought a few new pieces with them for you to check out! The Acid Rain World Facebook page have given us our first look at a wide assortment of amazing product on the horizon. We’ve gathered an assortment of images, so brace yourselves, as here we go! 

Although you’re familiar with most of what was shown at the OriToy display, there were 2 new pieces that you’ll definitely want to check out! 

  • The first is the Rescue Laurel “Emergency Response” Mech. It’s painted in white & orange and includes a Pilot. It’s very reminiscent of the Uncle Kuno version and will fit in nicely with your Civilian style Laurel collection. 
  • Next is the Airborne Laurel LP2m. This Laurel is so cool, as it includes a Parachute Pack with thrusters that not only gives the Laurel Mech a helmet and parachute, but it also detaches from the Laurel, allowing for independent play. 

We’ve gathered a gallery of roughly 15 images for you to check out, so make sure to read more below to feast your eyes on all the amazing 1:18th scale offerings being brought to the Acid Rain world! We’ll be checking out even more awesome Acid Rain World offerings on display at C3 AFA 2018 HK, so keep it locked and join us on the Cobra Island Forums for discussion already in progress! 

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