Articulated Icons Updates!

The Fwoosh released quite a few updates today!

First up, four more Articulated Icons figures were unlocked!  Itami (evil sensei)Shōken (heroic martial artist), Shibito (warrior monk), and Seijun (drunken master) were all unlocked today!

Next up, check out the latest dio story, Articulated Icons: Fumetsu’s Path!

Finally tune into the Repacked Podcast for an interview with the Articulated Icons crew!

There’s only 24 hours left!  Contribute to the Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series Kickarter campaign!

Articulated Icons discussion!

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Shōken (Heroic Martial Artist) and Articulation Demonstration!

The Fwoosh revealed another one of their stretch goal figures, Shōken (Heroic Martial Artist)!

SURPRISE! Our 3rd reveal is Shōken (heroic martial artist)… check him out!

Shōken was a small, thin child who dreamed of life outside the village, a life informed by stories of skilled warriors and constant adventure. But his reality was vastly different than his dreams. The only son of a widower father who had lost a leg as a young man, Shōken’s only adventure was being bullied by the rougher, tougher kids in the village. However, fate intervened when their village was overtaken by a band of marauders. Shōken was ashamed and believed his father was a coward when he willingly handed over a portion of his meager profits to the leader of the band of thieves. Deeming his portion too small, the Warlord snapped the crippled man’s crutches and threw him to the ground, laughing at his misfortune. Shōken screamed for his father to fight back, receiving a vicious backhand from the leader that sent him sprawling to the ground. Angered at the threat to his son, Shōken’s father sprang to his one good foot and put down the larger men with blinding speed. With a heavy heart, Shōken’s father agreed to teach his son the skills he would need to survive in the world. Years passed in training, and the small, thin child became a warrior himself. When his father passed, Shōken left the village, quickly finding the adventure he had sought as a child.

Thanks again to our friends at A.C.B.A. for running the poll, it’s still live and we’re still kindausing the voting as the order of the reveals over the coming days.

And if you are just finding out about this now, head on over to our kickstarter campaign and take a look!

Big thanks to all of our supporters and everyone who is helping to spread the word on social media, every little bit helps get these made!

The good folks at the Fwoosh also posted a video, demonstrating the articulation you can expect from the Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series figures!

Shōken will be unlocked when they reach the $200,000 level, so be sure to contribute to the Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series Kickstarter campaign, if you want to see this awesome figure released in plastic!

Articulated Icons discussion!

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