Toys R Us Shuts Down Website Amid Liquidation

In news that should surprise no one (sadly), Toys’R’Us has shut down its website amid it’s current liquidation. If your only means of visiting TRU was online, we’re sorry to advise that it’s no longer an option. Noted on the website upon visiting is the following:

Thanks for visiting. We have shut down the website for any purchases but our brick and mortar stores are open and holding going out of business sales. You can keep up-to-date with the sale at and liquidation-going-out-of-business-FAQs. We encourage you to stop by your local store and take full advantage of the deep discounts and deals available. Thank you for your business and support over the years. 

Sincerely, Toys”R”Us and Babies”R”Us teams.

Now that the website is shut down, will you be stopping by a brick & mortar store to say goodbye to Geoffrey one last time? Sound off on the Cobra Island Forums.

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Save Toys R Us Go Fund Me Campaign Has Been Launched

With all the sad news of Toys ‘R’ Us closing its doors, this bit of news should hopefully lift your spirits. Isaac Larian, a toy manufacturer who gave the world Bratz dolls and the current hit toy LOL Surprise, has launched a crowd-funding campaign to save Geoffrey! Larian, chief executive of California-based MGA Entertainment Inc., a privately held toy and entertainment company, and other investors have pledged over $200 million. They want to raise another $800 million in order to make a $1 billion bid to acquire “all or some Toys R Us assets through the bankruptcy process.”

Help Save Toys’R’Us – GoFundMe

You can be a part of this historic movement to #SaveToysRUs by donating today!  Your donation will help to ensure that generations to come can “always be a Toys“R”Us kid” and save employee jobs that are at stake should the company cease operation. The deadline for reaching the $1 billion goal is Memorial Day, May 28, 2018. The funds collected through this campaign would be used in the formulation of a bid to acquire some Toys“R”Us assets through the bankruptcy process. This is not a charitable donation, and certain donor disclosures apply. 

You can get the full details by visiting the campaign page listed above. Will you be joining in to help save Toys’R’Us? Sound off after the break on the Cobra Island Forums!

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Toys R Us Announces Liquidation Sale Start Date

Sources from around the web have shared word on the liquidation sale announced by Toys ‘R’ Us. According to Gizmodo (whose story can be linked back to USA Today), clearance sales at all stores begin tomorrow, Thursday, March 22nd. 

If there’s something you’ve been holding off on buying, (like that hidden cache of 50th Anniversary G.I. Joes), now’s the time to start buying. Will you be stopping by to say goodbye to Geoffrey one last time? Sound off on the Cobra Island Forums.

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Toys R Us – The End Of An Era

The end of an era. We grew up with Toys”R”Us, so the news of it closing its doors for good feels like saying goodbye to an old friend.

Just a week ago, we brought you word that Toys ‘R’ Us Is Prepping to Liquidate Its U.S. Operations. Now, the news that many of us have been dreading to hear…Toys ‘R’ Us is prepping to shut down operations. So many fond memories will be left behind – Finding new joes in the aisle, Geoffrey’ big book at Christmas, the excitement of after school trips…just the joy of being a Toys’R’Us kid.

Although online shopping played its part in bringing down TRU, the company’s biggest problem was this: TRU was saddled with billions of dollars in debt; So much, in fact, that their debt stopped it from making the necessary investment in stores. That translated to an unpleasant shopping experience that doomed the chain. The company told employees Wednesday that it would close or sell its US stores after 70 years in business. 

From all of us here at Cobra Island, thanks for everything, TRU. Hopefully there’s a Hail Mary that can save you so future generations can have the same experiences we did. Share your thoughts with us after the break on the Cobra Island Forums.

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