Female Tele-Viper by ska_lives

Our very own ska_lives posted his custom female Tele-Viper figure!  Here’s what he had to say about the figure!

I got a few kits from angelforge a while back and finally got around to finishing up one of them. I have 0 modern televipers, and thus I decided to make one. The female TV kit is very nice and I recommend it. My only complaint is that the upper torso is very wide when viewed from the side and makes her look funny when using feminine arms. Instead I mixed male and female arms to make something that looked more sensible. I’d have to say that my favorite part of making this figure was the nifty translucent look I got on the visor. The only other thing I can say is that she is sorely under-equipped and that I hope to find some more accessories for her on the future.
I hope you dig it!

Be sure to check out ska_lives’ female Tele-Viper in the Dreadnok Chop Shop, and let him know what you think of this awesome figure!

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Joel from The Last of Us by ska_lives!

ska_lives posted his custom Joel figure from The Last of Us!

So, I had this guy pieced together for a LONG time, and finally came across the parts to finish him up. The Last of Us is a pretty awesome and gritty game, and the characters look like theyve been drug through everything. I mean they have to go up against Zombies created by a crazy fungus. It is a great post apocalyptic Zombie game.

Joel is the main character from the game, and he is a pretty cool character. I need to make a couple tiny items, like bricks and a 2×4 for him.

I dabbled with a lot of washes, dry brushing, and weathering with this custom. I am pretty happy with it.

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Short Track and Swampsmasher ATV by ska_lives!

ska_lives posted images of his custom Short Track and Swampsmasher ATV!

My second entry into Allstars was built off of a project that I started a solid 4 years ago. I took a beater Swampsmasher and Ferret and combined them into a vehicle that looks a bit more sensible…or as sensible as a GIGANTIC gun on a 4-wheeler can look!
Before I submitted it, I thought it needed a driver so I made a simple quasi-Clutch inspired figure. If I were too, I may go back and sculpt some hair that is a bit more substantial on his head. I do like the amalgam helmet and goggles that I made though.
Hope you guys dig it, because I am super proud of the vehicles and the waterslides I made of the original masher sticker sheet.

Be sure to check out more pics of ska’s Short Track and Swampsmasher ATV!

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50th Anniversary Cutter by ska_lives!

ska_lives posted images of his custom 50th Anniversary Cutter figure!

So I made this for the GI Joe ALL Stars project that Icecreamman put on at multiple forums. I made the waterslides for it myself. They have some issues, but for a first go Im pretty happy with them. Next time Ill have to adjust resolution and color levels so that they do not fade or lose sharpness (like the red sox logo on his hat).
Anywho, enjoy!

Let ska know what you think in his 50th Anniversary Cutter discussion thread!

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50th Bazooka Trooper!

ska_lives does it again!  Check out this awesome 50th Anniversary Bazooka Trooper!

Hey fellas! Its been a bit eh? Well Ive been out of the loop custom-wise for a bit because I moved to the greater DC area at the end of the summer. Needless to say its taken a good while to get settled. Ive got a few things to show everyone, but here is the first…

SO this is just a quick fix custom Ive wanted to do for a good while now. Thanks to DW and nabbing a few 25th ‘Zook troops off of him, I was able to make one with an extra 50th Trooper. Also, some may like to point out that the namesake is incorrect due to the use of an RPG as opposed to a Bazooka, but I do like the RPG’s aesthetic and it keeps true to the 25th figure that its based on.
Anywho, this custom is very simple but I dig it, and I hope you guys do too!

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Taskforce Lowlight!

ska_lives posted photos of his LBC Task Force Lowlight!

So I am about to move and as such dont have a ton of time to make customs right now. On the other hand I had to play around with my Marauder’s Taskforce figure that I got yesterday via the kickstarter campaign. Its just an LBC, but I really dig it and those Taskforce figs are the shit!! I wish I had gotten more lol!

Head/ large Accessories: 50th Lowlight
Everything else: Marauder Task Force Night Ops figure

Be sure to let ska know how awesome this figure looks!

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Dusty by ska_lives!

Our very own ska_lives posted images of his modern take on G.I. Joe’s desert specialist, Dusty!

So after thinking long and hard about what to call this fellow, I figured I would just name him after my FAVORITE joe, Dusty. Im a touch of a purist when it comes to dusty and if the figure doesnt meet certain criteria it will not be considered Dusty to me. These i will not really delve into, because it would take forever. Lets just say that, even with the beard, I feel that this would be a possible modern-ish incarnation of the character. Mostly he was an experiment with modding BBI parts, and doing a different style of camo painting, let me know what you think!

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Fleet by ska_lives!

Tonight we’ve got another awesome figure from ska_lives!  Check out G.I. Joe‘s newest recruit, Fleet!

Codename: FLEET
RN: Miles Coletrane
Specialty: Scouting and Recon specialist

Known for his fleet foootedness when running track in college, Fleet joined the military to see the world. He made a name for himself doing old fashioned scouting and recon. He went where the drones could not see, and returned without the enemy knowing any different.
His abilities gained the attention of Spirit Iron-Knife during a routine Joe recruit scouting. Fleet was immediately tapped for a spot on the team. He has made a name for himself among Data-Vipers as a ghost or non-entity, something that just isn’t there. They do not realize that this “ghost” is a person, they just believe it is a hiccup in their drone recordings.

“The kid could run across Arakkis and not attract the worm!” – Breaker

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