Black Major Steel Brigade Review Gallery Roundup

Last week, we continued our coverage of the elusive Black Major and his latest release to the public. In the absence of 3 3/4 Joe product, some would even say that his line of unique custom reproduction figures are keeping excitement alive and it’s base enthused. 

The Steel Brigade trooper has always been one of the most sought after figures in the classic ARAH line. While some versions of the elusive mail away figure are easier to come by than others, they are all wonderful additions to a collection for those who were lucky enough to submit the mail away in their youth, or be fortunate to have that type of change in their toy budget. For the rest of us who love the character, that want to fill that gap in their collection or who just want to army build, we can call on the Major!

Some easily noticeable changes have been made to assist collectors from telling the difference with just a little bit of research and investigation. Among those are slightly different color pallets, minor changes in paint applications on torso, waist, and head, reversed arm rivets and of course the Black Major stamp. We’ve included a gallery of over 20 images of each of the latest Steel Brigade themed offerings below, but make sure to check out our individual reviews of – 

All figures showcased last week are currently available to the public via our good friend Kevin Melton, so if you’d like to add this figure to your collection, contact him on FaceBook, reach out to him on Instagram or just do some old fashioned shopping through his Ebay Store.

Thank you also to Joe Bailitz for an assist with some images of Vintage Steel Brigade for comparison! When you are done browsing the Gallery and Sending Kevin your requests hop on to the CobraIsland Forums and Sound Off! As always make sure to Follow Black Major on Instagram to keep tabs on all your Oring Troop Builder needs! Check out more Photos from this Review by reading more below and in our Google+ Gallery!

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