Custom Loyal Subjects G.I.Joe Cobra Storm Shadow by Joe Amato

By way of the Loyal Subjects Official Facebook Group comes this amazing customs TLS Cobra Storm Shadow by Mr. Joe Amato! Joe is an absolute genius when it comes to custom creations, so it goes without saying that this Storm Shadow figure is something special. The owner is going to love it, I know I do! Here’s the scoop from Joe – 

Here is my latest Loyal Subjects custom for a fan of G.I. Joe, I present to you Storm Shadow! I sculpted his hood, shirt outfit, strap with throwing stars painted in chrome, taped wrist and hand details, and finally I sculpted his sword and gave it a chrome look as well. Finally I painted his outfit in white details along with gray details as well. This was a very fun custom to make!

What are your thoughts on this custom Loyal Subjects figure? Would you add it to your collection? Share your thoughts with us after the break on the Cobra Island Forums

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Hasbro Pulse Examines 3 Masters of Shadow and Deception

The Hasbro Pulse website has shared a new G.I.Joe related update! The Pulse  Examines 3 masters of shadow and deception with a quick spotlight on the ninjas of G.I.Joe! 

They are masters of deception, martial arts, and own the shadows. Since day 1, ninjas have been pivotal pieces in the grand game of chess that is GI JOE vs Cobra. While there’s a bevy of notable ninjas, Pulse decided to pop a brief spotlight on 3 of the best around.


With a family lineage with direct ties to the same clan that produced both Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes, Jinx was pretty much born to be a ninja. With top-notch stealth and infiltration skills, the undersized Jinx uses her size to her advantage against opponents large and small. She excels at many forms of combat, and due to her training from a blind ninja master, she is a deadly opponent with or without sight.


You know him. You probably love him. Cobra fears him. Snake Eyes is pretty much the gold standard for GI JOE martial artists. A former recon ranger, Snake Eyes honed his skills in Japan, learning the sacred arts of becoming a ninja master. After a long hiatus of training, Snake Eyes returned stateside to live in seclusion. It was there he was recruited to serve as a member of the JOEs. Soon after he met Scarlett, and the rest is pretty much history (that’s a story for another day).


The personal bodyguard of Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow took a different path than his ninja clan brother Snake Eyes. Probably the most conflicted of any Cobra agent, Storm Shadow’s need for vengeance led him to successful runs as both a Cobra agent AND a JOE. While highly proficient with bladed weapons, Storm Shadow excels as a gifted archer. His past is checkered, including stints as a member of the Long Range Recon Patrol, as well as the Young Master to the Arashikage ninja clan—both factions which were an intricate part of Snake Eyes’ history.

Were you a fan of the G.I.Joe & Cobra Ninjas? Share your thoughts with us on the Cobra Island Forums!

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G.I.Joe Meets The Six Million Dollar Man In New IDW Publishing Series

James Whitbrook over at io9 has just shared some interesting details on a new comic book series coming our way January 2018 from IDW Publishing. From io9 – 

io9 can exclusively reveal that IDW will be teaming up its G.I.Joe: Real American Hero comics with Dynamite Entertainment’s ongoing Six Million Dollar Man series for a four-part crossover series beginning next year. Written by Rocko’s Modern Life’s Ryan Ferrier with art from G.I. Joemainstay S.L. Gallant, the series will see the bionic Steve Austin go up against the Joes, and presumably get recruited into the fold to deal with a sinister new threat.

What’s your take on this upcoming series? Adding it to your read list, or skipping it all together? Share your opinion on the Cobra Island Forums

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1000Toys New Website Is Now Online!

By way of the 1000Toys Facebook Page comes word that the all new 1000Toys Website is now online! If you’re unfamiliar with 1000Toys, here’s the scoop – Tokyo-based 1000Toys was started with a simple core mission: “to launch original toys by Japanese creators.” The mission has expanded to work with creators from all over the world plus developing unique takes on licensed properties with an unwavering focus on quality and originality.

Over the course of the last 2 years, 1000Toys has teamed up with retailer BAIT to bring us exclusive G.I.Joe offerings. Two of those offerings are now available in the 1000Toys shop – 1/6 TOA Heavy Industries “STORM SHADOW”1/6 TOA Heavy Industries “DUKE”

On behalf of all of us here on Cobra Island, we’d like to congratulate 1000Toys on the new launch and wish them the best on the road head! 

We’ve mirrored galleries and descriptions of both Duke and Storm Shadow that you can check out by reading more below. What’s your take on the TOA Heavy Industries G.I.Joe series from 1000Toys? Share your thoughts with us on the Cobra Island Forums

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Custom Storm Shadow by ska_lives

The hits keep coming from ska_lives!  His latest figure is a fresh look at the G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary Storm Shadow!

I finally got around to finishing this guy. I have had this figure sorted and ready for months, but I was just too lazy to finish some of the smaller bits of finishing to call him complete. Finally, however, I have.
I decided to actually tie my own Alpine harness using book binding thread instead of painting the plastic one that comes with the figure. Afterwards I painted the wooden shin guards as I have in the past to make them look more like wood. The rest was just painting some details to match, and stringing the bow.
I made this head and hood combo way back during the summer, and had been painting up a scratch built body for it, however, even using krylon fusion on the body for a nice even white, it wasnt adhering, so I put him on the back burner until the 50th model dropped. Once that happened, I just moved my work over to its core build.
Since this is going into my personal collection, I doubt ill go back and touch up some of the grey paint on the hood, but if I were to put it on the market I do need to make it a bit more even in tone.

Anywho, I hope you dig the changes.

Head: Ret. Ult Storm Shadow
Body: 50th Storm Shadow

Hood: Resolute Storm Shadow
BP: 50th Storm Shadow
Sword: DG Storm Shadow
Bow: 50th Storm Shadow w/ string
Arrow: 50th Storm Shadow
Climbing Axe: 50th Snow Job
Claw: 50th Storm Shadow
Misc Ninja Accessories (not pictured (in BP)): Ret. Ult. Storm Shadow
Alpine Rope Coil: Book Binding Thread
pouches: ROC Red Ninja harness

Be sure to check out more photos of the Storm Shadow and let ska_lives know what you think in the Storm Shadow discussion!

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G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #217 Carded Storm Shadow Variant!

Check out this carded Storm Shadow variant cover for G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #217 by Robert Atkins!

COBRA RISING! Cobra’s latest operation brings the fight to G.I. Joe’s turf

Cover by Robert Atkins

International orders will be contacted for additional shipping.

Storm Shadow cover discussion!

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Storm Shadow!

Thanks to DESTRO of HISS Tank, we’ve got images of the new Storm Shadow figure from the 50th Anniversary G.I. Joe Collection!

One question though: when did they classify his name?

Anyway, check out some of the photos below, and the rest in the Storm Shadow gallery on Cobra Island‘s Google + page!

Storm Shadow discussion!

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G.I. Joe Strike Now Available On the Android, iPhone, and iPad!

Backflip Studios officially launched their game, G.I. Joe Strike on Android, iPhone, and iPad!

G.I. Joe: Strike


Experience the visceral thrill of combat in this fast-paced, cinematic action game. Your nemesis Storm Shadow has rounded up an army of deadly Arashikage ninja and must be stopped!

Lead your own covert mission as Snake Eyes, the iconic G.I. Joe commando in G.I. Joe: Strike by Backflip Studios. Switch effortlessly between martial arts and gunplay to halt waves of encroaching enemies.


– Easy to use, responsive touch controls are quick to learn, but challenging to master.

– Dynamic, engaging combat featuring a mix of martial arts, swords, and modern weaponry.

– Collect and upgrade 100+ ability cards to strengthen Snake Eyes.

– Venture through several iconic G.I. Joe locations to wipe out the ninja threat.

– Find your rhythm in combat to become the ultimate ninja commando!

Can you hold off the Arashikage ninja clan long enough to reach the final showdown against your archrival, Storm Shadow?

G.I. JOE and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. © 2015 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

G.I. Joe Strike discussion!

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Snake Eyes: Agent of Cobra, Issue 5!

IDW Publishing posted a preview of the fifth issue of Snake Eyes: Agent of Cobra!

G.I. JOE: Snake Eyes: Agent of Cobra #5 (of 5)Mike Costa (w) • Paolo Villanelli (a & c)

SNAKE EYES faces down against STORM SHADOW and must choose between G.I. JOE and COBRA… before they both turn against the ninja commando!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

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