GI Joe A Real American Hero Now Available On Vimeo

Not too long ago, we reported that [url=]G.I.Joe A Real American Hero and G.I.Joe Renegades are coming to Vimeo[/url]. That wait ends now, as G.I.Joe ARAH is now available!

In case you don’t have the set on DVD, for $40.00 you can download the entire ARAH series, which you can both stream and permanently download all of the episodes for your personal collection. How can you beat that? Check it out below, then join us after the break for discussion already in progress!

Joe and the rest of Hasbro Toons stream to Vimeo…

Most of us were curious as to the fate of G.i.Joe , Transformers and a few others of our beloved classics as they slowly started to disappear from Netflix. Well it looks like we may finally have our answer.

Deadline is reporting that Hasbro has made a deal with online video service Vimeo. Vimeo often thought of as the poor man’s Youtube, has been trying to break from the public’s perception not just expanding their available catalog but also offering original programming.

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