Hell Screamerz Kickstarter Campaign Backer Kit Closing Soon!

Heads Up! Word us come in from our friends at Sunok Studios, LLC that the backerkit for the Hell Screamers Kickstarter campaign is coming to a close in less than a week! Here’s the scoop – 


We are currently sitting at about 81% complete on the backer kit surveys. If you have not already done so, please complete your surveys immediately! 

Please keep in mind, even if you didnt put in anything extra toward add ons (ie: you put in the exact amount of money needed for your pledge level), you should still complete the survey to verify shipping address if nothing else.

Once the backer kit closes, you will not get another opportunity to allocate any additional funds you may have included in your pledge. 

The Backer Kit will close on November 9th at midnight eastern standard time. That gives you all a little bit less than 1 week from now to complete the surveys before we close it up and start the pre-order phase.

If you haven’t done so yet, make sure to get your Backer kit ready, as time is running out! You can join in on the Hell Screamerz Discussion right here on the Cobra Island Forums

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Hell Screamerz by Sunok Studios, LLC – Kickstarter Project Update #23

There’s a new update from the Hell Screamerz Kickstarter Campaign. Check it out – 

Wow it has been a busy couple of days answering these Backer Kit related questions and cleaning up some small issues with the system. I guess that is what happens when we make you guys wait this long for a pledge manager!

If you have not yet received an email from Backer Kit please check your spam emails. You should have received it Monday the 9th around 11am Eastern Time. If it is not in spam, please send me (Adam Bekian) a private message either here on on facebook with the email address you used to pledge with and we will get another email sent to you. Shipping charges match the campaign charges, but if you notice anything that seems glaringly out of whack, please let us know as well so we can look into it.

Paint Master Prototypes pictures should be coming our way fairly soon. The team was up very late last night (or really early this morning depending on what you consider 8am to be) going over the colors for each and every piece we have with the factory in China. As it stands now, we expect them to start painting the prototypes early next week. I know a few people have asked about the delivery schedule, we arent quite ready to give a proper answer on that yet. We are still hoping to hit a December 2017 ship date, but that may not be possible based on the delays we had until now. We will know more once we have the paint masters in hand and can identify any and all corrections that need to be made before production can begin.

In addition to above, we just want to remind everyone that the backer kit surveys are one of the last things we need to have completed to finalize our numbers with the factory. Please do not delay in completing the survey. Although we plan to have it open for a month, we will close it early and start the pre-order phase earlier if all of the surveys get done. If you run into a problem please let us know immediately. The sooner we know about any issues, the sooner we can fix them.

Until next time! https://hell-screamerz.backerkit.com/

Exciting news! You can join in on the Hell Screamerz discussion already in progress right here on the Cobra Island Forums!  

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Hell Screamerz Kickstarter Campaign Project Update 21 Now Available

Great news to share for those of you that got in on the Hell Screamerz Kickstarter Campaign from Sunok Studios, LLC. Check it out – 


Just a small update. The factory has made the few small adjustments that we requested and are in the process of printing out a small initial run to paint up as samples. We expect the printing to be done by this coming Tuesday and painting to be completed within a few days after that. 

As soon as the factory takes photos of these samples they will ship them out. The second these photos become available we will move onto the next phase…

…and that is where we come to the Backer Kit. We expect to have the Backer Kit up and running no later than Monday October 9th

Get ready!

Time to get those wallets ready, ladies and gents! Did you contribute to get your own set like the Draco Pattern Orion unit pictured above? Skipped it all together? Sound off after the break on the Cobra Island Forums

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