Amazon Preparing To Sunset Kindle Worlds Platform

Disappointing news to share with those that, like me, love picking up titles from Kindle Worlds. Word began circulating that Amazon has begun to reach out to authors to advise that Amazon will be sunsetting (shutting down) the Kindle Worlds platform.

Our friend Justin from Generals Joes shared some interesting information by way of Mr. Nate Hoffelder from The-Digital-Reader. Nate notes that submitting new content will be denied after tomorrow (May 17th) and all published works will be taken down by July 16th.

There are so many talented authors with amazing pieces of G.I.Joe fiction on Kindle Worlds, so if you plan on hitting the G.I.Joe Kindle Worlds page, you better do so while you have the chance. Keep in mind that you don’t need a Kindle to enjoy these works; You can download an Amazon Kindle Reader directly to your iOS or Android device. 

Are you disappointed to hear this? I know that we here on the Island are. You can jump in on the conversation in progress after the break on the Cobra Island Forums

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