Join The Adventure With The Finest – A G.I.Joe Costuming Club

Do you love to Cosplay, or have been curious as to what it would take to put together a costume of your favorite G.I.Joe and/or Cobra character? Then do yourself a favor and head over to The Finest

The Finest Costume Club is not only chock full of awesome G.I.Joe cosplay, but also does amazing things for the community, like raising money for veterans and celebrating their love for GI Joe! This is what they do!

Field Manuals, Forums, Club Charter, application instructions and more available! Live the Adventure with The Finest today! Get in on the discussion on the Finest after the break on the Cobra Island Forums!

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Get To Know The Finest – A G.I.Joe Costume Club

Our friends from The Finest – A G.I.Joe Costume Club have kicked off a new series named “Get to know The Finest”! The goal of the series is to introduce us to those are part of this fantastic cosplay club. The series kicks off with Mr. Lenvil King Jr., the founder of The Finest! Check it out – 


I️ first started costuming circa 2001 and donned my first costume – a late 15th Century Landsknecht! But I had a lifelong love of GI Joe so it was natural that those were some of my first costumes. I joined a costume group, but it wasn’t a good fit, and so decided to start doing it on our own (with close friends) and we would welcome Joe fans and costumers alike. They would always have a home with the Finest. Of course back then it was called “Cobra’s Finest”, but I guess it was natural to include the filthy Joes too!

The Finest was founded out of a desire to be able to coordinate and meet up at cons with other Joe fans in costume. There really wasn’t any serious attempt at that before. We thought it was more fun to dress up in groups. We wanted to have a place where we could build costumes together, troop, make friends, and enjoy it! We just wanted to look like the figures we grew up with as well! So the group was to be a canon club!

There wasn’t even a place you could go buy some of the ornate costumes, props, and equipment, so we started to make designs, molds, and builds for the costume community and in particular, GI Joe costumers. We formed Pit Viper Studios, where we now supply the Finest with a lot of their gear, armor, and helmets. I am proud to say we started a group [The Finest] that has grown and represents the best parts of what the GI Joe fandom is.

This is a real cool initiative on part of The Finest and we look forward to bringing you future installments as they’re made available. What are your thoughts on the first “Get to know The Finest” segment? Sound off after the break on the Cobra Island Forums

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Final Week to Support The USO with the FINEST!

It’s no secret that we here at CobraIsland love The Finest. The Ladies of The Finest maybe even more so!




With that being said we are firm believers that all Vipers and Vipettes should have one of their 2016 Calendars hanging some where displayed with prominence in their homes. If that is to happen though they need YOUR support! In supporting them not only are you helping an amazing Calendar be achieved and earning potential awesome perks of being a contributor you are also supporting and donating to the USO.


“As you know by now, the Girls of the Finest charity calendar is no ordinary pin-up calendar. All your favorite female characters (plus a few twists) will be portrayed here – 12 months of our amazing female costumers photographed exclusively for this calendar!

As passionate as we are about G.I. Joe, we also know a good cause when we see one. The Finest is honored for the opportunity to partner with the USO, a nonprofit organization that has supported America’s troops and their families since 1941. One hundred percent of the net proceeds earned from this campaign will go to the USO.

This year’s cause is near and dear to our hearts. A significant portion of Finest members are active duty troops and veterans. Many of our own members and their families have directly benefited from the USO over the years, so being able to partner with this historic organization and give something back is an amazing opportunity!

What better way to come together as a fan community and support the Real American Heroes of the U.S. military and their families!

We Need YOU!”

Check out some of the cool Perks!






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