Black Major’s StarDuster Week! Spotlight – Tiger Force!

We are proud to continue our legacy of love for all things Black Major and his latest releases to the public. This week we are focusing on the 2017 production of the beautiful StarDuster variants. Delivered to us by friend to the Island and all, the great Kevin Melton @EvolvingDoorToys In the absence of 3 3/4 Joe product unique custom reproduction figures are keeping excitement alive and it’s base enthused and the Major is not only leading the way but also the benchmark. The Island salutes the Black Major and all of his Comrades in Arms who help make these toys a reality and help bring them to our collections! We offer this gallery of one of his latest creations for your Enjoyment!

StarDuster: Tiger Force!!

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Black Major Tiger Force Starduster Review Gallery

We continue our coverage of the elusive Black Major and his latest releases to the public. In the absence of 3 3/4 Joe product on the shelf, The Major continues to keep excitement alive and the fan base enthused with his 3 3/4 o-ring ARAH Style offerings!  

This time around, we take a look at an offering made available to collectors earlier this year, Tiger Force Starduster! Needless to say, it’s a unique, yet fitting take on the character. The colors look really good on Starduster, with Black, Brown and Yellow working well on this mold. Why only read about it when we’ve shared a gallery of nearly 30 images of this awesome new Tiger Force addition for you to check out? 

Read on to view the Tiger Force Starduster gallery, then join us on the Cobra Island Forums for discussion already in progress! 

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Tiger Force Sneak Peek!

The G.I. Joe Club revealed their Tiger Force Sneak Peek figure from the upcoming round of their G.I. Joe Figure Subscription Service!


(Based on the European exclusive Tiger Force action figure!)

Includes: removable helmet & vest, assault rifle, binoculars, field radio, NEW periscope, and figure stand.

G.I. Joe Figure Subscription Service discussion!

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Tiger Force Outback!

The G.I. Joe Club revealed another figure that will be released as part of their G.I. Joe Figure Subscription Service, Outback!


(Based on the European exclusive Tiger Force action figure!)

Includes: NEW head sculpt, removable harness & flashlight, assault rifle, survival knife, backpack and figure stand.

G.I. Joe Figure Subscription Service discussion!

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Geewunner July Tiger Themed Vehicles Revealed!

Geewunner teased us a short time ago with shadow images of his tiger themed military vehicle sets!  Well tonight we’ve got a look at those sets!

With the force of a tiger, our Heroes strike at the Enemy!

As a kid, I was always a fan of G.I. Joe recolor subgroups like Tiger or Night Force.  Some may decry a greedy toy company trying to sell us the same toy again, but as a kid who missed out on a lot of early toys, it was a great “second chance” at some of these classic toys.  And the fiction aspect of creating a special subgroup for specific missions, not to mention re-utilizing captured enemy vehicles against them, fascinated me.

Early on in the Geewunner Customs project, I started experimenting with Tiger Force and Night Force versions of some of my models, but wondered if the Kreo Joe product line would be healthy enough to get to the point where they’d offer Kreons based on these subgroups.  Once the set for this year’s JoeCon was announced, I knew it was time to ready some of these sets for mass consumption.  In an attempt to garner some synergy with Con stuff, I focused only on vehicles released at the show.  And at a late point in the game, I decided to work up an Iron Grenadiers Mantis sub as well.

We teased this stuff out about a week or so ago, but today we reveal the full CG images, and offer these sets for pre-order at the store.  Full photography will come later this month or early July, but the images here go a long way to capturing the dynamic looks of these sets.  It was difficult to pull off the white-to-brown-yellow bleed toward the front of each vehicle, as well as the tiger stripes, but I think I did as good a job as one can with bricks.  You be the judge.

Five sets are offered, although one is admittedly a re-release (Cat Unit Quad, although in an updated version with brown in the bleed, which did not exist on the previous version), and one is a special “Cat Unit Attack Pack” set of the General Purpose Vehicle with an additional, original Cat Unit version of the Towed Missile Launcher, much like the previously offered “Desert Attack Pack“.  The GPV in this set will also come with extra hoses to connect the rear missile launcher with the body, much like the Con version of the toy.  FYI, the Mini Sub involves some VERY expensive, hard-to-get parts, so we’re planning a run of ten copies that will likely be all we do, unless for some reason they blow out and there’s some vocal demand.  Don’t let your Undertow Commander go without a ride!

For those considering getting the whole wave, consider this special offer: folks who pick up the Cat Unit Attack Pack, the Cat Unit Fan Boat, and the Weapon Dealer Mini Sub will get a FREE Cat Unit Quad!  So be sure to take advantage.  Click on each of the above images to go directly to that set’s entry, or just head on over to the store to browse.  These sets will ship between July 15th and 30th.  Thanks for your interest!

As always, you can discuss these newest additions to the motor pool in the Geewunner Tiger Vehicles discussion!

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GeeWunner Custom Building Sets July Update – JoeCon Inspired Vehicles Inbound!

Our friend GeeWunner posted a new teaser image on Twitter, highlighting his upcoming July 2015 offerings. For those of you that picked up the JoeCon 2015 Tiger Force vs. Iron Grenadiers Kre-O set, then you’ll definitely want to check out this update!

Coming in July are 4 JoeCon 2015 Inspired vehicle building sets –

  • Enemy Weapons Dealer Sub – Iron Grenadiers Sting Raider
  • Cat Unit Fan Boat – Tiger Force Tiger Shark
  • Cat Unit Assault Quad 2.0 – Tiger Force Tiger Paw
  • Cat Unit General Purpose Attack Vehicle MK II – Tiger Force Tiger Sting

There will be a blog post with full image reveals around mid-June, which is when pre-orders will begin. Until then you can find these vehicles and a whole lot more G.I.Joe A Real American Hero inspired custom building sets over on [url=][/url] so go check them out then join us here on Cobra Island to [url=!&p=171855#post171855]discuss these exciting new sets[/url]!

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JoeCon 2015 Remaining Items Now Available In The GIJCC Store!

Heads Up! (and sorry that it’s a bit late on my part)

The [url=]International G.I.Joe Collectors Club[/url] has added the remaining items from [url=]JoeCon 2015[/url] in to the [url=]Club’s store[/url] inventory! Now, there’s not much, so you better grab it while you can. Here’s what you’ll be able to grab –


  • [url=]2015 3 3/4″ Carded Club Exclusive Dr. Mindbender (limit 1 per member) 1 pc[/url]
  • [url=]2015 GIJoeCon Card Set “Cobra Attack” w/Dr. Mindbender Chase Card (1 pc)[/url]
  • [url=](PRE-ORDER) 2015 12″ GIJoeCon The Adventures of G.I. Joe Test Pilot featuring Fantastic Freefall and Descent Into Darkness Convention Set (1 pc)[/url]
  • [url=]2015 GIJoeCon Comic Program “Welcome to Springfield” (1 pc)[/url]
  • [url=]2015 GIJoeCon 3-Panel Card Print (Signed)[/url]
  • [url=]2015 GIJoeCon UNCUT sheet of Chase Cards[/url]
  • [url=]2015 GIJoeCon UNCUT sheet of Regular Cards[/url]
  • [url=]2015 GIJoeCon Card Set “Cobra Attack” w/Baroness Chase Card (1 pc)[/url]
  • [url=]2015 GIJoeCon “Welcome to Springfield” Lithograph (1 pc)[/url]
  • [url=]2015 12″ GIJoeCon Pilot Accessory Pack (1 pc)[/url]
  • [url=]2015 12″ GIJoeCon Adventurers of African American Figure (1 pc)[/url]
  • [url=]GIJoeCon 2015 12″ “Red Top” Shirt[/url]
  • [url=]Souvenirs GIJoeCon 2015 Hat[/url]
  • [url=]GIJoeCon 2015 3 3/4″ Tiger Force T-Shirt[/url]

As of the time of this writing, it appears as though all the signed Mindbender figures are gone. Everything else is still subject to availability, so get yours while you can!

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Custom G.I.Joe A Real American Hero Tiger Force Airtight By Grimlock

Our friend [url=]Grimlock[/url] is back and he’s brought his customs with him! Check out this fantastic custom G.I.Joe A Real American Hero Tiger Force Airtight figure! I don’t know about you, but we not only love Modern Era figures, but will always love classic o-ring offerings and this one is definitely no different!

Following the design of Ar Puro, the Brazilian version of Airtight, this figure looks like it was factory made, from it’s clean paint to flawless Tiger stripes! Talk about perfect timing too, as the theme for JoeCon 2015 this past weekend was Tiger Force vs. Iron Grenadiers!

Want to see more pictures of this cool custom? Well, we’ve got’em! You can check out more Tiger Force Airtight images and check out other pieces in Grimlock’s custom collection in the [url=]Grimlock’s Custom Thread[/url]!

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That’s the Way We All Became the Tiger Force!

DESTRO of HISS Tank posted images of the Tiger Force members from this year’s JoeCon exclusive box set!

Included in the set were StalkerRecondoDial Tone, and Lifeline!

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