Cobra Island Joins Lets Be Reelz As We Say Goodbye To Toys R Us

Live this Saturday, March 24th, join Cobra Island as we stop by to chat with the crew at Let’s Be Reelz, a LIVE nerd/geek entertainment talk show that airs every saturday at 9pm EST on blogtalkradio.

With a heavy heart and tears from our inner child, Keepin It Reelz is saying good bye to Toys ‘R’ Us. It was the place where we didn’t have to grow up. And now it’s going away. Join us along with some special guests as we bid this toy store giant farewell.

The memorial begins this Saturday live at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific on Blogtalk Radio ( Have a question and/or comment you’d like us to share on the show regarding Toys’R’Us? Share it with us after the break on the Cobra Island Forums

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True Heroes U-53 Helicopter Playset At Toys R Us

G.I.Joe Fans across the ‘net have been talking about the True Heroes U-53 Helicopter Playset at Toys R Us. This vehicle is huge, with dimensions that tower over the G.I.Joe Eaglehawk. How so? Well, the dimensions on the U-53 are 16.00 x 32.40 x 7.00, whereas the Eaglehawk are 4.2 x 17 x 8.5 inches! Ripe for customizing, many are envisioning how they can incorporate this awesome new Helicopter in to their collection. 

Now, before you go out on the hunt, please note that the TRU website offers free shipping on orders over $29, so since the U-53 will run you $49.99 before taxes, shipping will be free. We’ve mirrored a full assortment of images of the U-53 along with the official product description from the Toys’R’Us website, so make sure to read more below to check it out. 

Is this something you would pick up for your G.I.Joe collection? If so, how would you customize it? Share your thoughts on this piece after the break with us on the Cobra Island Forums

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Toys’R’Us Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection


Although the writing has been on the wall for years, recent days brought word that Toys’R’Us was considering filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Last night, word came through that this decision has been finalized. From Bloomberg:

Toys “R” Us Inc., the once-dominant specialty retailer and ultimate toyland for a generation of post-war baby boomers, filed for bankruptcy thanks to a crushing debt load from a previous buyout and relentless competition from warehouse and online retailers.

The bankruptcy filing is the latest blow to a brick-and-mortar retail industry reeling from store closures, sluggish mall traffic and the gravitational pull of Inc., which has revolutionized the way people consume with affordable online offerings and global home delivery service.

A dozen-plus major retailers have filed for creditor protection this year, including Payless Inc., Gymboree Corp. and Perfumania Holdings Inc., all of which are using the Chapter 11 process to close underperforming stores and expand online operations.

What will the future hold for TRU after this financial restructuring? Only time will tell. What are your thoughts on the filing? Sound off on the Cobra Island Forums

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SDCC 2015 Cobra Island News Round Up

San Diego Comic Con 2015 comes to an end today, but WOW, what a week it was! Regardless of what makes you “geek out”, there was something for everyone at this years event and the excitement level is OVER 9000!

Here’s a re-cap of the news we’ve covered over the course of SDCC 2015, separating SDCC news from “Regular” updates. Check it out –

SDCC 2015 News

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  • [url=]SDCC 2015 – Toys’R’Us Exclusive G.I.Joe 50th Anniversary Desert Duel Now Available![/url]
  • [url=]SDCC 2015 – Six Issue Street Fighter vs G.I.Joe Crossover from IDW Publishing![/url]
  • [url=]SDCC 2015 – Acid Rain World Display at San Diego Comic Con![/url]
  • [url=]SDCC 2015 – Ubisofts Toy Soldiers: War Chest at SDCC![/url]
  • [url=]SDCC 2015 – BAIT shows of G.I.Joe Merchandise at SDCC 2015![/url]

G.I.Joe & Modern Era Action Figure News

  • [url=]New G.I.Joe 50th Anniversary Assortment Now Available at BigBadToyStore![/url]
  • [url=]G.I.Joe Club Figure Subscription Service 4 Bullhorn Preview[/url]
  • [url=]The Loyal Subjects Blowtorch Revealed[/url]
  • [url=]Acid Rain World Instagram Updates Including Playing Cards![/url]
  • [url=]Custom G.I.Joe Taskforce Lowlight![/url]
  • [url=]G.I.Joe Club FSS 4 Tiger Force Sneak Peek Preview[/url]
  • [url=]Hasbro Pulse Inteview with “Brick Brother” Michael Pullano[/url]
  • [url=]G.I.Joe Club FSS 4 Ice Ninja Night Creeper Preview[/url]
  • [url=]The Loyal Subjects G.I.Joe Action Vinyls Wave 2 Reveals[/url]
  • [url=]G.I.Joe: Body Count Available on Kindle Worlds![/url]
  • [url=]More Photos of Acid Rain World Sofi[/url]
  • [url=]G.I.Joe Club FSS 4 Billy Arboc Preview[/url]
  • [url=]More Acid Rain World Soil Ghost Test Shot Images![/url]
  • [url=]Amazing Heroes Toy Line Update[/url]

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