G.I.JOE Season 3.1 – A Kindle Worlds Tribute to Sunbow

Mr. Gene Kendall, a blogger and contributor to comics/entertainment site CBR, stopped by to share word of his latest project currently available on Kindle Worlds

Gene has been a fan of JOE for essentially his entire life and has completed his prose tribute to the Sunbow canon a few weeks ago. It’s available here (he’d love to hear your thoughts and would appreciate any reviews): G.I. JOE: Season 3.1 (Kindle Worlds) Kindle Edition

Gene shared a synopsis on the board; Here’s a small taste – 

Am I arrogant enough to believe this is what one of theanimated series’ writers would’ve done with a prose novel? Nope, but I think if this were published as a cheap paperback circa 1987, it’d be pretty entertaining. G. I. Joe works best when finding a balance between earnestness and irony, so this became as much of a guide when writing as my imposed rules. The story embraces some of the absurdity of the brand, but never dwells on it.

Head on over to Kindle Worlds and add G.I. JOE: Season 3.1 (Kindle Worlds) Kindle Edition to your reading list! Once you’re done, join us after the break on the Cobra Island Forumsto share your thoughts with Gene directly! 

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