True Heroes U-53 Helicopter Playset At Toys R Us

G.I.Joe Fans across the ‘net have been talking about the True Heroes U-53 Helicopter Playset at Toys R Us. This vehicle is huge, with dimensions that tower over the G.I.Joe Eaglehawk. How so? Well, the dimensions on the U-53 are 16.00 x 32.40 x 7.00, whereas the Eaglehawk are 4.2 x 17 x 8.5 inches! Ripe for customizing, many are envisioning how they can incorporate this awesome new Helicopter in to their collection. 

Now, before you go out on the hunt, please note that the TRU website offers free shipping on orders over $29, so since the U-53 will run you $49.99 before taxes, shipping will be free. We’ve mirrored a full assortment of images of the U-53 along with the official product description from the Toys’R’Us website, so make sure to read more below to check it out. 

Is this something you would pick up for your G.I.Joe collection? If so, how would you customize it? Share your thoughts on this piece after the break with us on the Cobra Island Forums

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Custom Modern Era Destros Submarine By BlackDragon

There’s a new danger in the deep and it’s on the hunt for G.I.Joe! Check out this fantastic Custom Modern Era Destro’s Submarine by forum member [url=]BlackDragon[/url]. Using a True Heroes Submarine as a base and bringing the vessel to life with the help of [url=]Cobra Stickers[/url], this new piece of Cobra Hardware is sure to rule the oceans! The USS Flagg better watch it’s stern!

You can check out more images and share your thoughts on this custom with us here on the forums! Just head on over to the [url=]Destro’s Submarine Thread[/url]!

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