Rare G.I.Joe Star Brigade Manimals Carded and Loose Prototype Samples on eBay

It was just last week that we brought you word on an Ultra Rare G.I.Joe Manimals Carded ZigZag Figure On eBay. We wanted to shine a spotlight on other rare offerings currently available as well, as it’s not often that you see these pieces appear – 

By way of the Lee’s Toy Review eBay page comes this pair of G.I.Joe rarities, starting with this carded G.I.Joe Manimals Warwolf figure. For those unfamiliar with Manimals, they were a subset of G.I.Joe Star Brigade offerings that met with bad luck each time they were to be released – 6 figures were set to hit in late ’94, but that never happened. Later, in 2001, KB Toys revived the Manimals and were set to offer all 6, but released only 3. Warwolf was one of those released, but in a completely different deco. This sample here represents what we would have seen in the 90’s on shelves, alongside wavemates like ZIGZAG and Spasma. Lee’s also has a loose prototype Vortex available and is a real treat to see, as Vortex never made it to retail. This unpainted sample gives us a good look at all the detail within the mold.

Whereas Lee’s has a prototype sample of Vortex available, eBay seller gi_joe_concepts is offering a beautiful painted sample of Vortex! This piece shows us what we would have seen at retail, so seeing it alongside Lee’s unpainted sample is all sorts of cool. The colors on this piece really pop! 

So, we’ve seen ZIGZAG and two different samples of Vortex…so where’s Spasma? That’s where we turn to eBay seller rt17000 and his amazing Manimals Spasma Final Production Figure. Although rt notes that the weapon included with this sample belongs to another figure, he does have the original cardback that gives us a fantastic look at his filecard & art. Not only does rt have Spasma, but he also has a loose sample of the Warwolf figure that Lee’s is also offering, so we get to see a loose and carded sample in one shot! 

We don’t know about you, but we love seeing this glimpses in to G.I.Joe past! What are your thoughts on the G.I.Joe Star Brigade Manimals? Would you add any or all of these offerings to your collection? Sound off after the break on the Cobra Island Forums

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