Custom Lego G.I.Joe Green Machines Vol. 2 Coming Soon

GeeWunner is back with an all new set of custom Lego G.I.Joe themed builds to add to your collection! Coming in February 2018 – Green Machines vol. 2! 

The assortment boasts a wide array of G.I.Joe goodness, including: 

  • Large Attack/Recon Tank – This HAVOC homage is a must have for any G.I.Joe Collection!
  • Towed Heavy Attack Cannon – You’ll need this Mountain Howitzer inspired Lego Custom in your arsenal!
  • Towed Dual Attack Cannon – Protect your airspace with this Custom Lego Whirlwind! 
  • All-Terrain Scout Cycle – Man your team with these Custom Lego LCVs!
  • Ordnance Removal Tank – Need to transport weapons? Look no further! 
  • Missile, Machine Gun and Flamethrower Drones – This pack of rats are ready to handle any mission objective! 

We’ll bring you a full color reveal once it’s available. Excited to add these custom creations to your collection? Sound off after the break on the Cobra Island Forums

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