Marauder Task Force Shipping Update and Contract Ops Sculpts

The Marauder Gun-Runners have been hard at work on their Marauder Task Force 118th K9 Dog, Exo Suit and Contract-Ops offerings. A new update was received via Kickstarter and it includes quite a bit of detail that you should check out. Here’s the scoop – 

We’ve mirrored images of the Contract-Ops figures that you can check out by reading more below. Included in the assortment are images of the basic body design, some of the headgear options and a fully geared op Contract-Ops figure! 

If you got in on the Series #8 weapons, those will ship out in a few weeks. The K9 Dogs, Exo-Suits and Contract Ops figures are still on schedule to ship this upcoming September. An update will be sent in a few days with the male Agency Ops 3d sculpt turns (the Agency Ops figures are still on track for next December).

There’s several backers that have NOT completed their Backerkit registration. If you haven’t, please make sure to do so as this will impact shipping on your package. 

Last but not least, exciting news on a new project coming our way! In response to the overwhelming requests, Marauder Inc. will soon unveil details about their Marauder Task Force World War 2 fully articulated, historically accurate action figures with interchangeable accessories and ALL NEW WWII era weapons. The Kickstarter for the WWII project is slated for the end of January. The WWII line is a stand alone event and will not impact any of our current projects.

We’ll keep you posted as more details are received! Get in on the discussion already in progress after the break on the Cobra Island Forums!

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