What’s the Plan for the Next G.I. Joe Movie?

That’s a good question!  CinemaBlend reports that Akiva Goldsman will be fully-immersing his team of writers in the world of G.I. Joe!

Goldsman’s approach to film adaptations is by truly immersing himself, and the other writers, in all mediums of an existing franchise. For G.I. Joe, as he did with Transformers, this includes having the writers watch the cartoons, play with toys, and engage in video games in order to familiarize themselves with the concept. From there, the writers can use their knowledge of G.I. Joe to outline an overall arc that they’d like to tell over the course of a few sequels. So instead of handing the script duties to writers unfamiliar with the source, Goldsman’s team will be certified experts.

Special thanks to J.D. for the heads up on this!

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